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5 months away…tick tock..

OK world, I’m ready to share the next year or so of my life. Right now. Right here. If you haven’t clicked “The Story Behind My Journey” link to the right, do that now. It will explain everything.

I’ve started pretty rigorous training. I’m walking several miles 4 days a week and weight training/exercise the other 3. I turn 50 this year…this old(er) body needs some fine tuning before I get on the road.

I purchased a cart! Found an awesome one used on craigslist and, after I do some modifications, it’s going to be perfect! Check that off my list!

More soon…I promise! Please donate  – every penny counts!

Oh, and heads up. I’m an unapologetic abuser of ellipses even when they’re not grammatically correct. I just like them so deal with it…

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