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7 Days from travel, 14 from first steps!

Hello friends and family!!

So sorry for delay in updating this blog. I’ve been mostly posting to FB and IG during my training and preparation but I will start updating here regularly.

So, Wink and I leave in 7 days for Charleston! Then one more week till first steps on Feb 2 from Holden Beach, NC. It seems like the planning has been going on forever but, then again, it flew by so quickly.

Our route has changed several times since my last post mainly due to road and weather conditions in the east and my desire to hit all 3 mountain regions. I’m going to be posting my entire route shortly in small, 200-300 mile sections using google maps. You can look at them if you want! Also, I’ll be sharing a link to a live feed of where I am at all times via my Garmin InReach+ GPS communicator. That will start on Feb 2. It’ll be a very slow moving dot across the country but at least you can see where I am. My device pings off a satellite every 20 minutes and updates my position.

I want to thank all of you who have donated and supported me to this point. I want to encourage all of you who haven’t to take just a minute and donate to our cause. Thanks and I look forward to sharing our journey with you over the next 9 months!

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