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Ben Michael Teach – my new friend I’ve never met

A few days ago, Wink and I were so grateful to sit and have a beer with Liz and Todd Teach, their son Max and little girl Mia. (Wink had water and dug a hole). Liz had read a post about my journey and reached out to share her story. Now I can say I’ve been blessed with more wonderful friends.

Back on February 20, 2015, Todd and Liz lost their second and Max’s little brother, Ben, to leukemia. On February 20th of this year I should be somewhere between Mocksville, NC and Crumpler, NC as I approach the Appalachians. On that day I will walk for and in honor of Ben and the Teach family.

A few days after our beers I received a neat little package in my mailbox. In the envelope was a set of beads with Ben’s name spelled out. Max and Liz strung these together after I told them that people were giving me trinkets and charms to hang on my cart’s handlebars. I’m so happy to have these beads and the bookmark they also gave to me. Just look at that curly blonde hair!

As most of you know, I didn’t start out planning this journey for a cause but, in the past several months, I’ve met so many awesome people battling childhood cancer and I am so grateful that I can do something in my life to help them. I can’t change their circumstance but maybe the donations made to my journey will help doctors and scientists take a few more steps forward towards a cure.

As always, I ask for your donations. Everything helps. Do it for Ben and the Teach family and the millions of other warriors out there battling this crap called cancer.

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