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Charleston – 5 days out

Enjoying time with my son. Last night we ate at really great place called Edmond’s Oast where Holden works. We had Salt Chicken to share and then I had the peel and eat shrimp and pistachio cherry ice cream. Unbelievable how awesome that meal was! Thank you Jane and Glenn for sponsoring that great meal!

To say nerves are settling is in an understatement. Sleeping in Holden’s house last night and it was cold! Oh well. I am learning a good lesson on sleeping in layers of clothes. And realizing that my layers might not be right so I’m going to look at some different options.

Wink loves being in a house with a backyard! That’s soooo nice to just wake up and open a back door and let him out to pee, poop and play. Back home I have to walk him first thing before my coffee, etc. I like having a backyard. Wink also met his new friend Pawly. Pawly is Holden’t cat and they get along pretty well but sometimes Pawly gets pretty territorial with her food and Holden’s room. It’s kinda funny.

Getting to know each other

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