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New Route – Final!!

OK, changed my starting point. I want to get out as early in February as possible and so I decided to move my starting point a little further south to avoid weather issues in the northern areas of the east coast. As I was looking around on the map I found Holden Beach, NC. What?? How could I NOT start there? So, Holden Beach it is. The start of the journey for me. I’ll head into Asheville, Knoxville, Nashville, Lake of the Ozarks, Wichita, Pueblo, Vegas, Joshua Tree, HOME!!

I’ve had tremendous support from great people already! My campaign has already raised over $1k and it’s only been live for 2 days! Thank you to the Village People (you know who you are!) for seeing me off last night at Taco Brat. What a great final night at the restaurant. Seriously hungover today but worth it.

I also want to thank all the people that came out to Taco Brat last night to say good-bye. You have meant so much to me and made the past year brilliant. And thank you all for buying me way too many drinks and shots…lol. Glad I don’t have to work today! Also, I want to thank Bryan for dropping off a box of goodies yesterday! Lots of camping things I’m going to need on the road. You rock Bryan!!

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